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Since the original sort of lacked a good overview page, because it just redirected to Version 8, below is the former side bar, which will be turned back into a sidebar later, but for now is a temporary overview/index.

Protocols/MSNP/Overview can probably be merged into this, as well as an overview of commands or at the very least the highest level of information. In the end, the style and layout, as well as sidebar should match Protocols/OSCAR.

If a page seems to be missing, more than likely the capitalization is incorrect because it was all over the place in the import. So fix or report missing pages.

Some fancy language needs to be here describing everything.


Windows Live Network Protocol

Windows Live Client Protocol



  • If it's only on, it all needs to be properly organized here, not all copy/pasted willy nilly like 7th grade book report on General Smedley Butler. All should be listed here, as seen below, so that when pages are being cleaned up things aren't re-imported. Always include Protocols/MSNP category.
    • In fact, just import everything, because if Microsoft won't put everything in one place, we will. Also external links to further information related to the protocol can be linked, so long as their content is imported as it's clear people want madd creditz for their content but they're too lazy/stupid to keep their sites up, so they're only as reliable as the information they can provide until they're flushed down the Internet toilet.
  • Protocols/MSNP/General/Commands and Protocols/MSNP/Reference/Commands should be merged into just Protocols/MSNP/Commands.
  • Protocols/MSNP/General/Connections and Protocols/MSNP/General/Overview can be moved out of general.
  • Setup forum @